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  Our Principles   

Personalized service and solid relationships

We started in the stock brokering business more than 40 years ago, and if there is one important lesson we have learned, it is that investing is a very PERSONAL decision. To provide that unique, personalized service to individual investors such as yourself, we focus on building long-lasting relationships, not just mere acquaintances. 

Commitment to long-term investing

We are conservative in our investing philosophy but at the same time, we also value creativity and innovation. CLCI believes in long-term investing and providing investment strategies and recommendations that cater to the financial goals of the long-term investor. We also believe in finding investments that are mispriced by the market – good companies executing sound business strategies but are ignored or unknown to most investors. And this is one edge that we try to build over our peers – Seeking value-stocks in places where or when the herd is not looking.

The ability to say no

We are brokers and by the nature of our business, our profit is dependent on the amount of trades our customers course through us. However, we do not lose sight of our focus: Help customer achieve consistent investment returns. Consistent returns for us, translates to consistent business. This means that if we think returns on your preferred investment is too risky, too low, or simply unsuitable, we will tell you so.

Our in-house investment philosophy is that while we cannot guarantee returns, we will recommend stocks that fit your investment profile and make sure you understand the opportunities and risks that go with every investment. In other words, a favorable stock is a BUY and an unfavorable stock is a SELL.

Strong belief in developing and educating investors

We believe in educating investors and not just our clients. Because research is a complicated process and not an exact science, educating investors may clarify some of the confusion and help in the understanding and appreciation of our research. The vision of our knowledge center is to develop the individual investor as a sophisticated long-term investor that can make consistent returns over time.


Who should invest with us?  

Different folks have different strokes and that is true for investors as well. Because of the various personal differences CLCI may not be the best choice for everyone. Some investors follow the herd while some investors are short-term traders. Investors with investment philosophies and needs that are shaped in the same mold as CLCI are those who:

  • Prefer discussing investment opportunities and their concerns face to face with individuals trained to provide them with valuable insights and advice;
  • Believe in setting financial goals and would like help in preparing a realistic approach towads meeting them
  • Seek fundamental information before making an investment decision
  • Understand the difference between speculation and investing and how they relate to their risk and return profile
  • Are planning to make their first few investments in the stock market and need a helping hand to guide them through the ins and outs


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