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  What are your needs?  

It is never too early to start investing. The earlier you start, the higher the potential returns from any investment. But more important than that, investing is the first step towards securing your financial future. If you are ready to take that step, give us a call and we will be happy to guide you.

How do I develop an investment style that matches my lifestyle?

Everyone has a lifestyle to keep. Whether it is buying a new car every five years, always having the most advanced technological gadgets, or traveling to new places regularly, each one of us has a lifestyle that we aspire for or want to maintain. But that really presents a problem sometimes, when we don’t earn, save, or invest enough to pay for that lifestyle.

The key is preparing an investment plan, which is basically a map that links resources that you have today with resources that you need tomorrow as well as the risks that you are comfortable taking.

Before any plan can be made, the first step is to specify your financial goals and needs. For example, for long-term goals: you may want to retire at age 60, take a vacation every year to the US, have enough money for hospital and other medical expenses, and play golf every day after retirement. Intermediate-term goals could be to undertake post-graduate studies, get married and have two kids who will be able to go to a top-tier high-school and university, and build a house in an upper-middle class subdivision.


The second step is to identify your investment profile. To gain better insight on what type of investor you are, you may need to ask are yourself: 1) how much risk are you comfortable with? 2) how much cash would you need to have on a day-to-day basis? 3) how far is your investment horizon? One year? Two years? 4) what are the financial needs that you anticipate in the future? Tuition fees? Weddings? Retirement?

Everyone’s investment situation is unique. And every sales representative of CLCI understands this diversity,can help you identify and prioritize your financial needs and goals and help you monitor your progress. The important thing in investing is the third step: Start investing.


Contact CLCI and ask for a sales representative who will be a happy to talk to you one-on-one and take you through these three steps plus provide you with a complimentary investment review.


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